Ensure Jobsite Safety with Carrillo Construction

Safety is paramount here at Carrillo Construction. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve cultivated a strong culture of safety to ensure a secure environment for our employees and clients.

Construction Partners - We Are Committed to Safety

By partnering with Carrillo Construction, you are choosing a drywall company that is committed to maintaining the highest safety standards for all parties involved. Our partners across the Puget Sound know that safety is synonymous with the Carrillo name!

Our Safety Procedures

Even with over 100 employees, we remain committed to the responsibilities that come with maintaining a safe workplace and are constantly striving to improve our practices and procedures. Here’s how we prevent accidents and foster a culture of safety here at Carrillo Construction.

Dedicated Safety Personnel

We have a safety coordinator who is the head of our safety department and multiple safety officers who actively walk the job site, inspecting, and implementing safety practices. They ensure that all safety protocols are properly followed by our team and that at the end of the day everyone goes home safe to their respective families.

Hands-On Safety Training

We believe in empowering our employees with the proper knowledge, tools, and equipment so they can not only be safe on job sites but also be proactive safety leaders. This is why we offer comprehensive, hands-on training sessions to make sure they are prepared for anything that comes their way.

Regular Safety Meetings

To maintain the highest level of safety, we hold regular safety meetings throughout the duration of our projects. These meetings allow us to address any safety concerns, reinforce best practices, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Rapid Response to Injuries

In the rare case of an accident, we go above and beyond to ensure the injured party receives the medical care they need to make a full recovery. Our employees are like family to us, so we owe it to them to maintain a safe work environment.

Proper Equipment & Procedures

When working on job sites, we make absolutely sure that we have all the proper safety equipment and procedures to prevent accidents. Essential safety measures such as the right ladders and PPE, secure scaffolding, fall protection, and proper lifting techniques make all the difference.

Creating a Culture of Safety

Here at Carrillo Construction, our culture of safety starts at the top – with management and owners living out the value of safety through their words and actions. We empower our employees with the knowledge they need to prioritize safety on every job site and hold them accountable for maintaining these standards. We foster a culture of accountability where everyone, regardless of their position, is responsible for adhering to our safety protocols. A culture where individuals are never afraid to ask questions or speak up if something seems amiss.

Choose Carrillo Construction for Your Project

If you’re looking for a construction partner who takes a firm stance on safety, look no further than Carrillo Construction. We can help drive your project toward completion while maintaining a safe work environment. Contact us with any questions or inquiries.

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