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Professional Drywall Services for Your New Construction Venture

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Are you a builder, developer, or contractor in need of a professional drywall Subcontractor for your next residential or commercial project? We’re here to be of your service.

Carrillo Construction specializes in Complete drywall services for Apartment Complexes, Retirement Homes, Hotels, Student Housing and Mixed-Use projects. With our expertise, experience, and skill, we are able to deliver high-quality workmanship that is second to none and ensure that every project is completed on or before schedule.

Whether it's apartment complexes, retirement homes, hotels, or mixed-use commercial spaces, our focus remains on quality, safety, and timely completion.

Apartment Complexes

Apartment complexes are our bread and butter at Carrillo Construction. Our dedicated team ensures that every aspect of the drywall process is executed with precision, efficiency, and, of course, safety in mind. We adhere to the specified fire and soundproofing standards, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure living environment for future residents.

Retirement Homes

We understand the importance of soundproofing and fire-proofing safety when it comes to retirement homes. This is why we pay attention to every acoustical and fire-rating detail suggested.


Our highly trained and experienced team is equipped to handle the drywall for any hotel, regardless of size. From pre-rocking to ensuring top-tier aesthetic appeal, we guarantee timely completion without compromising quality or attention to detail.


At Carrillo Construction, we’ve completed countless mixed-use projects across Washington State. Whether it is a blend of residential apartments, office spaces, or retail shops, we come in with the intention to move the trades along, complete the drywall, and drive your project towards completion.

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Our portfolio speaks to our unwavering capacity to handle projects of any scale.

Discover Why We're Your Premier Drywall Partner

Our hands-on approach and in-house professional team ensure your project will be executed on time and to the highest standards.

Efficient & Punctual Job Completion

Time is of an essence..
We put your project timeline above all else. Our competitive advantage lies in overcoming obstacles and recouping lost time, ensuring we finish our work on schedule and many times ahead of schedule.

Safety First

We prioritize the safety of our employees and clients on every project. With dedicated safety officers and a safety coordinator, we are able to provide continuous safety training and ensure that every employee makes it home unharmed.

Dedicated Foremen for Every Project

We assign a competent foreman who is bilingual and well versed in drywall systems to every project, ensuring that there is always someone on site to supervise the work so it’s completed according to specifications and on schedule.

In-house team of Professionals

At Carrillo Construction, our strength is our dedicated, full-time in-house team.
We’re not dependent on outsourced sub-tier-contractors; giving us total authority over your project’s schedule and maintaining the highest quality.

In Collaboration With

We’re proud to have worked with some of the top General Contractors, Builders, and Developers in Washington State.

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Trust Carrillo Construction, the leading authority on drywall in Washington state, for your next multifamily-commercial build. Reach out today to partner with us for your next project.

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