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We are the leading authority on Drywall and Metal stud framing for Multifamily projects in Washington state.

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Partner With Carrillo For Your Next Multifamily Project

Drywall is a vital part of the construction process, especially when it comes to multifamily projects. At Carrillo Construction, we recognize the importance of drywall work in ensuring the appearance and integrity of multifamily projects, as well as being a crucial phase for maintaining project timelines and ensuring a smooth progression.

This is why we specialize in large-scale, multifamily projects, taking on apartment complexes, retirement communities, student housing dorms and hotels. Trust Carrillo to manage this crucial phase of your next project with unwavering craftsmanship, seamless efficiency, and top-tier customer service.

We’ve Helped Build Some of Washington’s Finest Structures

Spearheading monumental projects such as the Uptown Apartments in Kirkland, Solera Apartments at Renton Highlands, and Alexan at Alderwood Mall, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the top multifamily drywall contractors in the state of Washington. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every job we undertake.

Join Forces with Carrillo Construction For Your Project Success

End-to-End Quality Control

Our in-house team of professionals handles everything from drywall installation and metal framing to priming and texturing. We don’t just oversee every aspect of the process—we control it.

Focus on Safety

Your project will be managed by dedicated safety officers who walk each job-site daily, ensuring all safety protocols are followed.

Efficient and On-time

Your project’s schedule is our priority. We excel in adjusting schedules and making up for lost time, ensuring your project finishes on time.

In Collaboration With

We’re proud to have worked with some of the top General Contractors, Builders, and Developers in Washington State.

Collaborate with Carillo Construction for Drywall Excellence

Trust Carrillo Construction, the leading authority on drywall in Washington state, for your next multifamily project. Reach out today to collaborate with us on your next project.

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